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A home of outstanding scientific and professional expertise that contributes to the development of dental technology and the upgrading of dental services.

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To enhance the efficiency of scientific and professional performance in the field of dental technology in the Kingdom in accordance with international professional standards and scientific developments and to promote effective communication between specialists locally and internationally.

The association's core values

Responsibility, team spirit, transparency.

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Saudi Society for Dental Technology

The field of work of the Association is the specialty of dental technology as one of the supporting medical specialties of dentistry. The specialty of dental technology is concerned with laboratories for moving and stationary structures, orthopaedics and transplantation, facial and jaw compensation, full, partial and fixed denture manufacturing skills and dental bridges, and the science of vital dental materials.

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مجمع الأمير سلطان الطبي بالحوية، مدينة الطائف، المملكة العربية السعودية، ص.ب 888 الرمز البريدي 21974