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The Scientific societies play an active and important role in activating the specialized scientific movement, it also has a major role in promoting countries' economies and scientific research progressthey represent expert houses belonging to the most senior experts and scholars in all areas of development , where they show their creativity and innovation and all aspects of knowledge and cooperation. The scientific societies also make distinct efforts represented in serving, educating and sensitizing the community through their activities and research, creating partnerships with different sectors as well as developing knowledge by joining hands with specialists, exchanging experiences, solving problems, building plans and providing consultations .

Who looks at the ambitious national vision 2030 programs will discover the extent of the close connection between these programs and the research fields in which scientific societies can contribute .

Taif University has paid great attention since its inception to development and quality, and has made many effort to provide all the things necessary for that . In the belief of the university in its role in achieving its mission and goals, and as a result of the steady expansion and increasing growth that the university has witnessed in its educational fields and research , Therefore, the University was keen to establish scientific societies to be one of the tributaries of the scientific movement inside and outside the university.

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